Preschool Jokermobile Concept Artwork (Unproduced)

Here we see a piece of conceptual artwork for the unproduced Pre-school super powers line. This line would have obviously been aimed for the younger superhero fans had it made its way off paper. This jokermobile artwork is hand done and the detail is very nice. It is mounted on presentation board. The thought of a super powers jokermobile sends shivers down my spine. It certainly would have been an incredible toy. Unfortunately, I have seen no evidence to suggest the vehicle made it to the prototype stage.

Above you can see a close-up of the artwork. This sinister craft would certainly have struck fear into the hearts of young caped crusaders.

(Please note, the artwork shown on this site is NOT affliated with the find published in Action Figure Digest #87. It was acquired from a completely separate source. I mention this solely because the magazine explicitly forbids internet publication of that artwork, and I do not want any confusion to occur.)

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