Steppenwolf Unpainted Hardcopy


The Steppenwolf action figure prototype showcased in this entry is referred to as an unpainted hardcopy. Hardcopies are cast using silicon molds made directly from the original sculpted components. As such, they retain a larger fraction of the intricate detail found in the wax sculpting; some of which is lost in the final injection molded plastic production figure. Urethane color can vary, however the vast majority of Super Powers hardcopies are cast in green urethane referred to as dynacast. Each component of the hardcopy is attached to the torso with cylindrical steel dowel, so the head and limbs are removable from the torso.

A hardcopy may remain in its unpainted state if destined to become a tooling master; tooling masters are specifically utilized in the creation of the final production tooling (molds). Others are hand painted for use as paint masters or as catalog, photography, or trade show display samples

Tracking down figure hardcopies for a collection is somewhat challenging endeavor, but the challenge increases exponentially for complete examples with their hardcopy accessories. As the photos show, this Steppenwolf hardcopy is complete with his axe and backpack. The axe itself was originally sculpted as two individual components, which explains the two-piece hardcopy axe.

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