Batcopter Toy Fair Sample


The Batcopter showcased here is a true testament to the skill and dedication possessed by Kenner model builders. This Batcopter was used at Toyfair to show prospective buyers the line's latest offerings. Amazingly, it travelled back to Kenner where it sat in their archives for a few years. In the early 90's, employees unearthed it to assist with design work on the new Kenner Dark Knight line. Kenner ended up reusing the produced version of the SP batcopter to save time and probably money on tooling for their 90's Dark Knight line. Thankfully, a savvy toy designer saved this piece and kept it in its original state. This model is entirely handbuilt and handpainted. Tiny screws were employed to hold the model together. In the following pictures you will see some of the notable features of the Toyfair model as well as its differences from the production toy.

This shot shows a top view of the toyfair model. Take note that the rotor blades are much thinner than the production toy. The front of the body itself is also much thinner.

Here we see a cockpit closeup shot. Notice the cockpit is two pieced and is also hand tinted. Its design is much different from that of the produced toy.

Here we see the inside of the cokpit. All of the stickers are hand applied. You'll also notice a white sticky square in the middle of the seat. This was more than likely used to affix a batman inside during the Toyfair presentations. The picture doesn't show it but you can see remnants of the blue paint from Batmans briefs where once sat many years ago.

This shot illustrates the bottom of the Batcopter. The mechanism controlling the spinning rotor blades has the same figure hand grabbing feature as the produced version. The grappling hook mechanism consists of two turning wheels located on the underside, which wind the hook back in. The nose of the copter lacks any shooting spring mechanism; the grappling hook simply pulls out. A working mechanism wasn't necessary for display purposed explaining its absence.

The two photos above help to illustrate the cockpit, grappling hook, and general front shape differences bewteen the prototype and the production toy.

Finally, we finish up with a top view comparison. Keen eyes will pick up on the tail fin differences as well as the vast rotor blade difference. The enormous amount of handwork on this toyfair sample makes it one of the most striking Super Powers prototypes I've come across. Very few vehicle prototypes have surfaced to date making this a very significant find.

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