Tyr Painted Protomolded Figure Prototype


Here we see one of the Super Powers 3rd series figures, Tyr, in preproduction form. This internal first shot is entirely hand painted as the title implies. I find hand detailing lends any prototype a much more brilliant appearance than the production counterpart. Unfortunately the arm missle was seperated from the figure at some point, thus its absence.

Internal first shots were created in house at Kenner using low yield aluminum molds. One distinguishing characteristic is the milky white plastic employed in their creation. IFS's never possess dates, copyright information, or footholes. These prototypes were specifically used as paint masters, catalog/photography samples, and trade show display pieces. Based on noticeable paint loss on the feet bottoms, I'd put the use of this prototype in one of the last two categories described above. Obviously the figure was glued down to something at one point.

The above picture provides a comparison between the internal first shot (left) and a partially painted first shot (right). Side by side, the prototype's brilliant hand detail is strikingly evident. Although not apparent from the photo, the Tyr internal first shot exhibits glue remnants on the foot bottoms, signifying it was likely used as an industry show display model or possibly a presentation piece during internal Kenner line review meetings.

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