Tyr Painted Hardcopy (Toy Fair Catalog Photography Sample)


Collectors who've thumbed through the 1986 Kenner Toy Fair catalog will be familiar with this Tyr action figure. The painted hardcopy is the exact same figure used for the photography contained in the catalog.

A small hole found on the hardcopy's back attached to a small dowel to secure the figure during the photography shoot. All of the existing catalog photography samples exhibit this characteristic.

The attachment points between the missle and mechanical arm offer a glimpse of of dynacast, the underlying material used to create the hardcopy. Hardcopies weigh substantially more than injection molded plastic figures. The weight difference is attributed to both the heavier nature of dynacast and the non-hollow characteristic of the torso and thighs. Remember, a production figure needed hollow regions in each of those areas to accomodate the power action mechanisms.

The head and appendages are removable from the torso with each piece attaching via cylindrical plastic dowels. This characteristic is one that I find extremely appealing about hardcopies. Prior to hand painting, a coat of primer was added as illustrated by the gray color found in various joint regions. Super Powers figures are well known for their vibrant coloration. The presence of hand applied paint makes the figure look even more striking.

Other 3rd series catalog photography samples currently available for viewing on the website include:

To date all 3rd series catalog photography samples are known to exist except Plasticman and Shazam. It's truly amazing that one, yet alone eight, have withstood the test of time.

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