Wonder Woman Unpainted First Shot

Showcased here is an unpainted Wonder Woman first shot. She is cast in nonproduction colors lending it vast eye appeal. First shots, sometimes referred to as test shots, are used to test the steel molds prior to mass production. The color of the injection molded plastic was irrelevant since the figure served only test purposes. Typically nonproduction color first shots are more desireable to collectors.

The inner thigh lacks all copyright info and is often a characteristic of a first shot since the copyright info is etched into the steel mold late in the process. The figure does exhibit foot holes. You cannot tell from the picture but this figure is not sonic welded allowing it to be taken apart. The torso and upper legs can be separated in two.

Prototypes of main characters in non-production colors are always a treat to see. They offer a nice glimpse into a portion of the production process. Thanks to James Gallo for sharing pictures of this piece from his Super Powers collection!

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