This gallery is designed to give a complete look at the variety of vehicles and playsets produced by Kenner for the Super Powers line. Like the figures, there were basically three series of vehicles to go with each series of figures. The second series vehicles failed to capture consumer interest and these vehicles could be found on Toys R Us clearance shelves a few years after the line was cancelled. They were interesting pieces, but a Kalibak Boulder bomber lacks the appeal that a more prominent Batmobile has on consumers. You may have guessed that the third series items are the gems of the line. Many of the proposed 3rd series vehicles made it pretty far into the production process, but unfortunately were cancelled. The Tower of Darkness and the All Terrain Trapper fell victim to sales declines and although they are shown in the Toy Fair catalogs, they were never released in stores. Luckily the 3rd series Batcopter was released, but remains a tough find. Interestingly enough, the Batcopter refused to die and returned once again to store shelves in the early 90's in a black plastic version for Kenner's Dark Knight collection. Vehicles and playsets don't enjoy high status like the figures, but they are vital to a complete Super Powers collection.