Lili Ledy obtained the license to distribute Super Powers figure in Mexico. The Lili Ledy line is likely exclusively comprised of first series figures, however due to the extreme rarity of carded Lili Ledy Super Powers figures it remains unclear whether all twelve characters showcased on the Lili Ledy cardback were actually released to consumers. Photographic documentation of carded examples exists for six of the twelve characters: Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Lex Luthor, Robin, and Wonder Woman.

Two versions of the Lili Ledy carded Wonder Woman have been documented to date. The version showcased in this entry lacks a sizeable block of text located on the cardback's left side. The other card version, showcased here contains the text.

Lili Ledy Aquaman, The Flash, Robin, and Wonder Woman figures exhibit the same copyright information and placement as their Kenner counterparts, while Lili Ledy Batman and Superman figures completely lack copyright information for unknown reasons. I cannot comment on copyright information pertaining to the remaining 6 figures, if they were indeed released, since I've never had an opportunity to examine Lili Ledy versions of them.

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