This page shows the most recent updates to various galleries of the Hall Of Justice site. As you may notice, November 23, 2001 marked a rehaul of the site's main page shifting it from a text based layout to a more graphical based layout. I hope this change makes the site easier navigate and more visually appealing. Stay tuned for monthly site updates of your favorite Super Powers collectibles!


Once again I've geared most of this month's update to what the website's forum community is interested in seeing. Wax sculptings were another popular request, so this month we have entries featuring a figure sculpting, an unproduced hardcopy, and a proof card. Thanks for visiting!


It's a new year (2017 that is), which means it's time for more great updates from your favorite Super Powers website. I polled members of the site's web forum community to see what material they most desired to see throughout 2017. Unproduced prototypes were a popular answer, so I've included one of the unproduced 4th series hardcopies in today's update.


Regular updates to the website will hopefully return during 2017! I've managed to squeak in an update during the final days of 2016 that includes two new additions to the International Toys section:


The first update of 2015 is now live for viewing. While small in quantity, it packs a big Super Powers sized punch; especially the prototype addition:


The December 2014 marks the completion of the 2014 twelve month consecutive update schedule. I hope site visitors have enjoyed the regular updates and I plan to continue the monthly update streak into 2015 and beyond, so stay tuned Super Fans! Today's update contains a single comic artwork entry, but continues the Comic Artwork section expansion that I focused on for a portion of 2014:


The November 2014 update is a diverse one encompassing international carded figures, prototypes, and comic book artwork:


The October 2014 update, which is launching a few hours into November (close enough!), contains a couple of comic artwork additions to the site:


The September 2014 update contains a couple of artwork additions to the site:


The August 2014 update consists of two-dimensional pre-production additions to the website:

The July 2014 update contains more exciting artwork additions to the "Prototype" section:



The June 2014 update contains a couple of exciting artwork additions to the "Prototype" section and a revamp of the Orion action figure page to bring it in line with the newer layout format:


The May 2014 update contains a very special addition to the "International Carded Figure" section and some exciting artwork additions to the "Prototype" section:


The April 2014 update contains some exciting artwork additions to the prototype section with the following entries:


The March 2014 update once again focuses on the expansion of the prototype and international carded figure sections with the following entries:


Monthly updates continue as promised with the February 2014 update containing the following prototype entries:






The prototype, store display, and comic artwork sections' transitions to the updated entry layout, originally announced in January, 2012, are now complete! Minor layout updates certainly do require a significant time expenditure, so I'm thrilled to have these complete!


Happy New Year, Super Powers enthusiasts! The first update of 2012 may be small in entry quantity, but it's BIG in quality and marks the return of new prototype material additions to the site! Additionally to start off 2012, I've implemented a slight layout modification for individual entries, which will be broadcast to all older existing entries on the site throughout the coming months. Special thanks go out to Ken and Nate for their input during the new layout selection process and to Richard for a specific suggestion that was incorporated into the final design! I hope collectors will enjoy viewing and reading about this month's entries and find the updated entry layout visually pleasing. Stay tuned for more exciting prototypes throughout 2012!


Happy Holidays, fellow Super Powers enthusiasts! The December update is officially live and contains an Exclusive Feature article that I finally completed along with two more Kenner production figure entries:


It's "Clark Kent Offer" month here on! The monthly update is comprised of the following three Kenner additions to the carded figure section:


The September monthly update contains the following two additions to the carded figure section:


The August 2011 update contains the following two new items for the website:


Summer certainly has a way of zooming by, but July cannot dwindle down without an update; a smaller than normal update, but an update nonetheless.


Less than 7 hours left in the month of June, so it's definitely time for the June 2011 website update. This month's update includes a new Special Feature article, which will be updated periodically along with a few production carded figures of the international and domestic varieties. Enjoy!


Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of my fellow Super Powers collectors here in the US! It's been exactly one month since the last update, so I'm pleased to present the May 2011 update for your viewing/reading enjoyment. I've selected update material from both the production toy and prototype categories this month. The Flash 23-Back (Fan Club Offer) carded figure showcased this month is of particular note since its an extremely rare figure on this packaging style, which required quite a few years of searching on my part to finally document and acquire it!


April 2011 has come and just about gone by, but not without a monthly update to enjoy!:


The March 2011 update features new items for three different section of the website: Prototypes, Kenner Carded Figures, and International Carded Figures. I hope collectors enjoy this month's update material:


Hot on the heals of last month's update comes the February, 2011 update! This update contains material that international carded figure and prototype collectors might enjoy:


Having taken a monthly update break for the Holidays during December, 2010, I'm pleased to announce the return of regular site updates. The first update of 2011 builds out a long-dormant section of the website: Super Powers Original Comic Artwork. I've also included material geared towards international figure and prototype fans:


With less than 6 hours remaining in the month of November, I'm pleased to announce the November update. This update focuses on Kenner carded production figures and is comprised of the following three new entries:


The October site update focuses strictly on carded production figures with new entries for European tri-lingual, Kenner Canada, and last but not least Kenner!


I hope this update notice finds site visitors doing well and enjoying a relaxing Labor Day holiday weekend! I'm ahead of schedule on website update material, so the September update comes to you early in the month! That's a good thing if you're eager to see the exciting entries I've conjured up this month, but a bad thing since October's update is still weeks away. At any rate, this month's update features an exciting "never-before-seen" unproduced prototype from my collection, two Lili Ledy carded figures, and the first addition to the new "Kenner File Photography" sub-section of the "Prototype Gallery". So, sit back, grab your mouse, and prepare yourself for this month's Super Powers goodies:


The August 2010 update comes to you a little later than planned, but better late than never! This month's update is a mixed category one featuring an exciting store display, a couple of proof card additions, and an international carded figure to round things out.


It's international mania here in the July update! Major updates have taken place to the "Tri-lingual" section of the International Gallery with three new links going live. Collectors interested in Lili Ledy's Super Powers line will likely enjoy the new Lili Ledy entry. Finally, the first of ten Kenner 3rd series upgrade entries (making up the third installment of the Kenner action figure section update) is complete with more on the horizon!


The exciting June 2010 update features a little bit of everything: figure prototypes, an international loose figure, and a production carded addition to round things out:


The May 2010 update strictly consists of production carded figure additions to the website:


The April 2010 update contains a production carded Joker action figures along with a number of catalog mailer action figures:


As promised, the March update unveils the 2nd installment of the three-part upgrade to the "Action Figure Gallery", which houses entries on full production Super Powers action figures. The upgrade list is as follows:


The February update features the first installment of a three-part upgrade to the "Action Figure Gallery" portion of the website, which houses information and photos pertaining to Kenner production Super Powers action figures. The first upgrade encompasses the 12 entries related to Kenner's first series action figure assortment. The second installment (March) will upgrade 2nd series figure entrie, while the final installment (hopefully April at the latest) will deal with the 3rd series figures. In comparison to the old individual entry layout, which contained a loose figure photo and front carded photo devoid of any text for each character, each character's entry now contains a front and back carded image. Additionally, each 1st series figure's page now contains bulleted lists (derived from the matrix) showing what card styles each figure has been documented on. As future monthly updates take place, these lists will contain more and more active links pointing to pages containing front and back images of the card style in addition to information pertaining to that character/card style. I currently have at least one domestic card style link active for each character and international links are active where existing entries are available.

I believe this new format will be of use to collectors in several different ways. It will better link the domestic and foreign galleries although both will continue to exist as individual galleries from the mainpage. The new format also enables collectors to quickly determine all domestic and international card styles available for an individual character by visiting a single page as opposed to viewing multiple galleries and scrolling through various sub-sections. Finally, the new format completes the site framework necessary for the photographic documentation of every Super Powers action figure on every documented packaging style. The "Kenner & Kenner Canada Carded Figure Matrix", published here in December of 2009, served as the initial building block towards reaching this goal and the three-part upgrade to the "Action Figure Gallery" further paves the way to accomplishing this task. So, without further delay I present the first installment's links:


January is rapidly coming to a close, which means the time has come for the January update. This month's update continues explansion of the International Gallery's recently created Kenner Canada sub-section, but that's not all. I've also included a nice pre-production entry in addition to an interesting Estrela entry. So, without further delay, I present the new links:


Happy New Year, fellow Super Powers collectors. With under 5 hours left in 2009 I'm pleased to announce the December update. 2010 will be an exciting year for the website and today's update begins laying the groundwork on plans to better tie various action figure sections of the site together! I'm extremely excited to officially launch the new exclusive feature entitled "The Kenner & Kenner Canada Carded Figure Matrix" today! This feature brings together and shares 8 years of my own research and documentation of various figure/card type combinations released by both Kenner and Kenner Canada. I hope it will be an invaluable asset to collectors of production carded Super Powers figures. The feature is available for viewing at the following link and is also housed in the "Exclusive Features" section of the website:

The Kenner & Kenner Canada Carded Figure Matrix

Additionally, I've commenced a detailed expansion of the new Kenner Canada sub-section within the "International Figure Gallery" with the additions listed below. This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as this Kenner Canada expansion project is concerned:

Stay tuned throughout 2010 as I continue to make significant improvements throughout the site while at the same time continuing to share exciting prototype material from my personal collection. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site and participated in the discussion forums both in 2009 and years past. I certainly look forward continuing dialog with new and veteran collectors in the New Year!


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Super Powers collectors! The November update continues photo and entry expansion within the "International Gallery". The update also contains yet another entry in the "Comprehensive Guide to 3rd Series Figures" exclusive feature. I hope everyone enjoys a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!


Happy Halloween (a couple days early) to all fellow Super Powers collectors! The October update builds further on the proof card presence within the "Prototype Gallery" and also includes an international rarity too. I hope everyone enjoys the update!


The September update is a quick one, but I'm continuing the site update streak by the skin of my teeth nonethless. This month's update adds to both the international carded figure and proof card sections:


The August update includes items from an assortment of categories including: figural prototypes, proof cards, and a few production international carded figures to round it out. I hope everyone enjoys the update and thanks for continuing to visit the site!


Crafting this month's update was much more enjoyable considering I wasn't faced with only hours remaining in the month this time around! The July update contains items for the enjoyment of both prototype and international production collectors:


For the 2nd month in a row I've managed to post the monthly update by the skin of my teeth...nothing like waiting till the last minute! At any rate, Kalibak and Red Tornado fans may rejoice since new prototype entries have been posted for the following:


Talk about posting the monthly update just in the nick of time! With less than 24 hours remaining in the month, I've managed to continue the 2009 monthly update streak. Yay!! This month's update includes yet another piece of mini-comic artwork in addition to another 3rd series carded figure chart update. Enjoy!!!


The April 2009 update is now ready for viewing! This month's update features new additions to the prototype gallery in addition to a very nice international piece for the store display gallery. Happy Easter and enjoy!


The March 2009 update just went live! This month's update continues to increase the amount of conceptual material showcased on the site. It also brings the 3rd series carded figure chart closer to completion. So, without further delay, I present the following new material:


The second update of 2009 just went live! This month I've decided to feature a few unproduced prototype items along with a conceptual piece that ties in with last month's update. Today's update contains the following additions to the prototype gallery:


The first update of 2009 is officially launched! The January update features some incredible early conceptual material, which I think collectors will enjoy seeing and reading about. I've added a few sub-categories to the "Prototype Gallery" to provide better organization of items that previously resided in other sub-categories like the now defunct "Miscellaneous Prototypes" sub-category and to generate logical areas to place material slated for future updates. I'm quite optimistic that updates will continue being posted on a consistent monthly basis throughout 2009. Today's update contains the following prototype additions to the prototype gallery:


The second and long overdue update of 2007 contains the following Gulliver carded figure additions to the foreign gallery:


The first update of 2007 contains the following European (Trilogo) carded figure additions to the foreign gallery:


The initial framework for the new "Foreign" toys and "Comic Artwork" galleries have been put into play and may now be accessed from mainpage using their respective graphical links. I will continue enabling individual entry links during future updates, so stay tuned.


The site has been fairly quiet thus far throughout 2006, but I'm pleased to offcially announce that work has begun on two new galleries for the site. The first is a gallery dedicated to international carded figures. The second new gallery is devoted towards original comic book artwork from the famed DC Comics Super Powers issues. The site has remained devoid of information and photographs for these two important segments of the Super Powers hobby until now, so I'm focusing my energy towards giving them both a solid presence on the site. At this time I expect to have both galleries live by May, but will ask site visitors during the initial launch to remain patient while I expand the gallery contents.


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to exclusive features gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to store display gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


The discussion forums section is officially launched as of today! I look forward to having site viewers join and I am hopeful this will provide a nice outlet for discussion of all things Super Powers. A graphical link has been added to the mainpage, so folks may visit the forums and sign up directly through the mainpage of the site.


Coming Soon: Discussion Forums!!! Work is nearing completion on the addition of a forums section to the website. Beta-testing will end shortly and the forums will be unveiled in early October. I hope this endeavor will give site visitors a place to discuss all Super Powers related items and topics while meeting new friends/collectors in the process. A marketplace section of the forums is planned to assist collectors in helping each other with their collections. Stay tuned...same Kenner time...same Kenner station!


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:

Added to store display gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Today marks the return of consistent monthly updates to the website. Thanks for everyone's patience during the past months where updates were not possible.

Added to prototype gallery:


The background color has been altered on all pages of the site. The new blue background mimics the exact color found on the Super Powers cardbacks. Also added an updated main logo and new category logos. I'm gearing up for great things with the site in 2004 including a total overhaul of the figure section with new and exciting layouts for each character's figure page. Consistent monthly updates will return in early 2004, so get ready for a great new year with your favorite Super Powers site!


Added to prototype gallery:

Added to display gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:

Added to display gallery:


Beginning on January 1, 2003 site update notifications will no longer be posted on the SP Yahoo group. If you would like to be notified when monthly updates are posted please send me an email at and I will place you on my email list.


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:


Added to prototype gallery:






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